February 18

I Trust Parents


I trust parents. It's that simple.

This week the NC General Assembly passed SB 173 - Free The Smiles Act. This legislation has my strong and unconditional support. 

In short, this legislation puts the decision on whether a child should wear a mask in school where it has long rightfully belonged - in the hands of parents.

I have lost count of how many calls and emails my office has received from parents concerning this issue. In Union County, parents approach me daily - at the store, at church, in my business - begging NC government to stop this. I know these families personally. I know they have the best interests of their children at heart. I trust them.

For the last two years, Governor Cooper has, through emergency powers, imposed confusing and conflicting orders that unnecessarily harm the educational and emotional growth of North Carolina's children. Our recently passed NC budget ends this gross abuse of power.

I trust parents more than Governor Cooper to make the best decisions for their children.

The legislation sits on his desk awaiting his signature.


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